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spread the word 2017

Training course on PR and dissemination: an EU-project led by Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. in Dresden, between 9-16 October.

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Stine Ebbesen represented othernessproject.

Project Coordinator: Myrto-Helena Pertsinidi.

Training leader: Dimitra Zervaki.


  • Values of persevrance, consistency, accountability, playfulness and discretion,
  • Team Canvas Activity,
  • Open Badges and the BADU Strategic Partnership Project which aims to validate youth workers’ competences and skills,
  • Motivating a team, talking in front of an audience, spreading efficiently the information,
  • Defining key terms such as: “Communication Strategy”, “Project Dissemination”, “Project Visibility”, “Project Exploitation”, “Marketing” and “Brand”,
  • Design Thinking Process,
  • “Pitch like a Mastic Tree” method,
  • Project Story Blueprint.

Photos by Olga Yocheva.

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