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the platform 2023

The platform is an initiative of five professionals in Arts and Social Sciences whose aim is to articulate and give voice to experiences and positions that are different from mainstream narratives.

We publish texts, images, sound and video recordings that capture these experiences in accessible and contemplative ways.


Judit Hajdu. Hungarian psychotherapist living in Scotland. Interested in the narratives of people, marginalised or in authority, living ‘everyday’ or ‘exciting’ lives, including prisoners who are always left out of most lists.

Gigi Guizado.  Bilingual American actor, literary translator, poet working in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and London. Feminism, mental health, and cultural diversity are themes in her work.

Nikolett Pataki. Hungarian expat living in the UK. A curious mind with some background in sociology and psychology. Experienced in charity work and research.

Attila Budaházi. Edinburgh based dramaturg, theatre director, story shaper. Works with hidden connections and stories behind the real world, beneath the surface, parallel realities, dreamscape, multiverse, time travel, and butterfly effect.

Rita Sebestyén. Has lived in Romania, Hungary, Denmark and the UK. Works with object-based storytelling, modelling sustainable societies, and community creation.

photo: Zoltán Sylvester

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