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I. Levinas on the Other; Responsive phenomenology of the Alien
Introduction to Lévinas
1. Emmanuel Levinas: The Face; Responsibility for the Other (excerpts from E. Lévinas: Ethics and Infinity. Conversation with Philippe Nemo, trans. Richard Cohen.)
Introduction to Waldenfels
2. Bernhard Waldenfels: From Intentionality to Responsivity (excerpts)

II. Derrida on the Foreigner
Introduction to Derrida
3. Jacques Derrida: Foreigner Question: Coming from Abroad / from the Foreigner (in: Derrida, Jacques and Anne Dufourmantelle: Of Hospitality, Stanford, Stanford UP, 2000)

III. Gadamer on hermeneutic experience
Introduction to Gadamer
4. Hans-Georg Gadamer: The concept of experience and the essence of hermeneutic experience (excerpt, in: Hans-Georg Gadamer: Truth and Metod, Continuum, London-New York, 2006)

IV. Recognition and Otherness
Introduction to Honneth
5. Axel Honneth: Recognition and Moral Obligation (excerpt, in: Social Research, 1997, 64/1)
Introduction to Taylor
6. Charles Taylor: The Politics of Recognition (excerpt, in: A. Gutmann (ed.), Multiculturalism: Examining the Politics of Recognition, Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1994)

V. Žižek on the Other and Multiculturalism
Introduction to Žižek
7. Slavoj Žižek: Neighbours and Other Monsters. A Plea for Ethical Violence (excerpts, in: Slavoj Žižek, Eric L. Santner, Kenneth Reinhard: The neighbor: three inquiries in political theology, University of Chicago Press, 2005)
8. Slavoj Žižek: Multiculturalism or the cultural logic of multinational capitalism? (excerpt, in: New Left Review. I/225, September-October 1997.

VI. Sociology of strangehood/otherness
Introduction to Schütz
9. Alfred Schütz: The Stranger: An Essay in Social Psychology (excerpt, in: American Journal of Sociology, 1944, 49/6)
Intorduction to Bauman
10. Zygmunt Bauman: From Pilgrim to Tourist – or a Short History of Identity (in Stuart Hall and Paul du Gay eds., Questions of Cultural Identity, London: Sage, 19-36.)

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