25. 04. 2020. Fragola


A single hotel room while the guest is away. His room is surprisingly tidy. Dusting the wardrobe I observe how his good quality clothes were folded and organized in a perfect way. I sense a very familiar, good vibe. Then there is a drawing on the desk. It was drawn with the pen provided by the hotel on a small piece of paper taken from the noteholder. It is a tree with a disproportionately big fruit on it, an almost heart shaped strawberry. I immediately know that I saw this before somewhere. I recognize every line, every detail of it. 

Have I drawn this myself before? Or will I draw it in the future? What if years later I will come back as a guest to this hotel and I will doodle this while talking on the phone? If it’s me, will I remember this moment of finding it? Why would I avoid meeting myself? I would probably  think that leaving this sketch on the desk is a sufficient gesture to remind myself about the illusion of time.

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