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hybridspace: anthony

Anthony is a nomadic character: he travels through the texts and scenes of nine young artists, taking up different roles, adventures, genres and styles. Anthony as a common character is leading us across conceptions, settings, cultural and linguistic environments, and is weaving the nine different artistic worlds into one common, loose narrative.

The authors of the nine small stories and scenes are acting students of the special course of Creative Writing and Dramaturgy from the Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts. They represent various nationalities, cultural backgrounds, having Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Tanzanian, Danish, English, Hungarian, Serbian, Swiss, Slovenian roots. Each of them speak at least two languages, as they attend a professional acting school that uses English as a lingua franca and prepares actors for cross-cultural settings in the globalised, diverse artistic world. Through their writings and scenes they share their experiences of this cross-cultural setting, while using both English and sometimes their mother tongue to give voice to their artistic endeavours.

Those who follow the site launched for this project will take part in the experiment and joint experience that mingles creative writing for performing arts with new media.The class will share certain phases of their work: dialogues, ideas, pictures, videos on the site of this project. Also, they will be available real-time for certain given time-slots in order to connect, discuss, interact with their audience. This way, through the use of the Internet, this project creates a hybrid space that combines the real and the virtual space, and facilitates the immediacy of the experiment beyond geographical, cultural or language borders.

If you follow the page, you will be informed about the schedule of the real-time encounters with the creators, and also about the specific frames and channels they will use:

During the TransArtation events the students will interact with the audience setting up a series of real-time experiences as follows:

  • In Scotland, between 31 March-8 April 2017 at the Byre Theatreof the University of St Andrews, the audience of the exhibition will be able to interact with them via Internet each day one hour, having the opportunity to share experiences and ideas related to the process.
  • In England, between 12 April l -6 May 2017, The Shoe Factory Social Club in Norwich, the audience will encounter the students through a site-specific conception where they will be asked to help perceiving the venue for those who cannot be present in real space.

The authors/actors:

Christopher Alexander

Fjölnir Gíslason

Henna Holländer

Daniel Høi-Nielsen

Una Kovac

Daniel Neil Ash

Giulia Rumasuglia

Sara Skei Fostvedt

Lia Tomat

Conception and lecturer: Rita Sebestyén.


The project is realized by:




Actor training and supervision: Lars Henning, artistic director of CISPA.



This project was launched in joint collaboration with:




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