creativelab: an erasmus+ project for creative entrepreneurship

In April-September 2016, othernessproject takes part and cooperates in a Learning Mobility: Mobility of Youth Workers, Erasmus+ project in order to forster, encourage and enhance creative entrepreneurship around the EU countries.

CreativeLab is a training course organized by Jugend- & Kulturpoject e.V. (Germany), in cooperation with othernessproject (Denmark), Creativity Platform & YET (Greece), CESIE (Italy), Stowarzyszenie Moje Marzenia Spełniają Się MMS (Poland), Stichting Caracola (the Netehrlands), Biznosova (Serbia), Kulturno Izobraževalno Društvo Pina (Slovenia) and GoEurope (Spain).

The project aims at the exchange of experiences and best practices in the field of Creative Economy and Entrepreneurship. It provides a series of tools, exercises, assignments and challenges that help the participants develop their creative and entrepreneurial skills. It also assists in developing a range of interpersonal and practical skills to help the participants spot and profit from the opportunity.

Main contents and activities of the project:

  • workshops,
  • presentations,
  • team-buliding activities
  • round-table discussions
  • study visits
  • reflection and evaluation

CreativeLab takes part between April-September 2016 in the following locations and stages:

  1. Dresden and Berlin – training and study visits;
  2. Thessaloniki – training and study visits;
  3. Dresden – reflections, further planning.


  • creating a platform of experiences, best practices and knowledge of entrepreneurial and social innovation activities;
  • understanding the structural differences between Dresden, Berlin and Thessaloniki concerning the environment for startup ventures;
  • developing entrepreneurial attitude and practical skills;
  • fostering intercultural and interdisciplinary cooperation;
  • developing an international network of creative entrepreneurs.

From the participating countries 28 attendees take part in the project; othernessproject being represented by Pil Josefine Nielsen and Rita Sebestyén, members of the artistic board.

Project coordinator: Myrto-Helena Pertsinidi

Representative of the orgnizer: Stefan Kiehne

Photos by: Olga Yocheva

  1. session: Dresden/Berlin, Germany – 29.03 – 06.04.2016

Trainers: Peter Schmiedgen and Toni Kiel.

Facilitator: Myrto-Helena Pertsinidi.

How to define a business idea:

  • values & mission
  • trends
  • naming and branding
  • networking
  • designing a business model
  • successful stories & examples of:

i) innovative businesses that solve social problems;
ii) creative and co-working spaces based in former
abandoned buildings
iii) cross-sectoral cooperation.

2. session: Thessaloniki, Greece – 10.06 – 17.06.2016

Trainer: Dimitra Zevraki

Facilitators: Olympia Datsi & Myrto-Helena Pertsinidi.

Project development:

  • marketing research and strategy
  • design thinking
  • customer development and management
  • communication with partners and establishing an international network
  • using social & traditional media
  • product and service development.

3. session: Dresden, Germany

  • fundraising and pitching
  • creating an international network
  • final presentation of the results of the work
  • evaluation of the meeting.

Main topics: Entrepreneurship, Creative Economy & CCIs, social innovation, urban development, cross-sectoral cooperation.




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