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roskilde 2017

Nursery Rhymes + Object

In the fall of 2016, Roskilde Museum of Contemporary Art established a Study Group on Migration. Regular meetings of 19 artists, exchange of theoretical considerations and artistic response were tackled with.

The main questions were: ‘How does the current migration challenge the idea of the nation state, borders and questions of belonging? And how can we approach this conflicted field, overcome ’othering’ and contribute to new ways of understanding ourselves and each other?’.

Othernessproject was present with the Nursery Rhymes performative workshop, and, at the final, open event of the series, on 21at January, with an object-personal story participatory event: an immersive experience of connection and storytelling.

Artists, researchers of the Study Group:

Ana Pavlovic

Anne Boukris

Anne Sofie Rothe Børsch

Dejene Daba

Kirstine Mose

Maj Horn

Marie Northroup

Marie Hoff

Nanna Katrine Hansen

Rita Sebestyén

Steve Edward Ross

Seda Özçetin

Seyda Özçetin

Thomas Eisenhardt

Tina Helen

Victor Vidal

Eva Perez

Facilitator: Mai Takawira, project coordinator.

Researcher of refugees and asylum seekers: Zachary White, anthropologist.

Visual design: Hamide, 2017.

Supported by CKU.

photo by Maj Horn

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