We observe our everyday objects. The way we relate to them.

What do we see if we take a closer look at them? What do we know about their composition and material? What is their structure? How do they function? What are we using them for? What do we know about their stories?

On this platform we collect object-stories.





How does it work?

  1. If you want to develop your object-story with us, send an idea: a picture and/or 2-3 sentences. We will get back to your within one week, ask questions from our perspective and we will develop your story together.

2. If you want to send a completed object-story, go ahead!

In both cases, we will get back to you and decide on sharing your object-story together.

We reserve the right to not publish material that is harmful to any community or individual.

We are happy to answer your question and discuss your suggestions.


Ildikó, science (RO/DE).

李璇 Li Hsuan, visuals (CN/UK).

Rita, conception and narratives (RO/HU/DK/UK).


These are the formats on which we can share object-stories:

Language. We are happy to share bi-lingual stories. At the moment, you can communicate with us in English, German, Chinese, Hungarian and Romanian. You can send your object-stories on any of these languages, and please be mindful of the fact that you still have to provide and appropriate English translation, too, as we use English as a lingua franca.

Medium. Choose from any of these possibilities:

  • Three visuals (photos, drawings, paintings, diagrams, etc.): no smaller than 1MB and no larger than 5MB, jpeg format, high resolution (minimum 72 dpi, ideally 300dpi).  
  • One text of max 1000n (meaning: 1000 characters including spaces): doc or docx extension.
  • One soundscape of max 60 sec: mp3 extension.
  • One video of max 120 sec: mp4, m4v, webm, ogv, wmv and flv; alternatively, you can upload the video on youtube with password, and send the link and the password, too.

You can send material on one object. Choose maximum two of the above-mentioned media to describe the object, respecting the given extensions and resolutions.


We accept only original work of yours, and we edit them respectfully with you in agreement.

The platform displays the object-stories and has the right to share them and use them for artistic and scientific research, in which case we will inform you.

As author, you are liable to clear any copyright issues that might come up regarding your object-story. If you want to share your object-story with any other platforms you need to notice us first and mention this project as resource.

Send your object-stories and ideas to:

Thank you for taking part.

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