refugee integration lab 2018

“Creativity in Human Rights and Solidarity”

Thessaloniki: 1-9 July 2018.

Refugee Integration LAB (RL) arose from identification of the dangers of xenophobia, intolerance and discrimination arising in Europe, and brings together 9 countries and 10 partners committed to work on Human Rights, Refugee and Integration projects. RL is all about improving the existing non-formal education methods and finding new ways of communicating a message to refugees (and similar vulnerable groups of people) in an inclusive and approaching way with regards to: integration into society, racism, equality, human rights, solidarity, minority groups, cultural indifferences, differences based on religion, membership of particular ethnic groups, gender equality etc. With RL we want to “give additional tools and ideas to other organizations so they can strengthen their work with refugees and help them to get on their way of integration in the new surroundings”. 

Othernessproject was represented by Ayse Tolunay and Simon Fern.

1) AddArt – Thessaloniki, Greece (Organizer)

2) Seiklejate Vennaskond – Tartu, Estonia (2 participants)

3) Institute for Cultural Relations Policy – Budapest, Hungary (2 participants)

4) With the power of humanity Foundation – Pecs, Hungary (2 participants)

5) ÖJAB – Österreichische Jungarbeiterbewegung – Vienna, Austria (3 participants)

6) Stichting CAAT Projects – Utrecht, Holland (3 participants)

7) Comune di Cinisello Balsamo – Cinisello Balsamo, Italy (3 participants)

8) Othernessproject – Helsingør, Denmark (2 participants)

9) Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. – Dresden, Germany (3 participants) 

10) loveLife Generation – London, UK (2 participants).

Main aims:

  • Empower organizations and project managers to convey various purpose messages to refugees and similar groups of people in an appealing way;
  • Indirectly aid and improve the refugee integration process;
  • Insert creativity as a focal point when using non-formal education methods and their work with specific target groups such as refugees- Provide a first-hand experience of the situation in the refugee camps to the participants;
  • Give participating organisations new funding tools and ideas for achieving their goals;

  • Enable and facilitate Networking between organisations working with refugees and human rights.
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gribskov 2018


How can we relate within a short time, how we communicate, if our background is different, and we do not even speak the same language?
Are we curious about each other at all? If yes, how we pose questions, and how we answer them?
How we tell our own stories, and what kind of stories we tell about ourselves?
How do we ask the others about their stories, and what kind of other stories will we be able to process, to understand? Whom can we empathise with and why?
How can we get more empathetic and communicative?

The endless series of questions were not answered, not even asked. This time, we inhabited the space, we moved around, we perceived it and ourselves and each other. Movements, gestures, sound became of high importance in establishing connection.
Sounds, the beat of the drums were able to express a wide range of emotions, feelings, and even could tell simple stories. Owning stories and narratives are the cornerstone of empowerment, self-empowerment and the ability to relate.

This workshop was offered within the framework of a Europe for Citizens programme: You Are Welcome, having 13 partners in 7 countries around Europe.

Participants: unaccompanied refugee minors and students from the Nordsjællands Efterskole.

Time: 7th and 10th March 2018.

Led by: Rita Sebestyen

Lead organizer from Gribskov: Lisbeth Eckhardt-Hansen

Assistant: Marin Hermanssdottir

Othernessproject, Gribskov Center – Red Cross, Nordsjællands Efterskole, You Are Welcome, Europe for Citizens.

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urbanartventures 2017

UrbanArtVentures II took place in Volos, Greece, from the 12th-21 th of September 2017. The project is a collaboration between Jugend & Kulturprojekt e. V. (Germany), Urban Act (Greece) and thirty participants – street artists, youth workers and art educators from Denmark, France, Greece, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Serbia and Spain. The UrbanArtVentures II project aims to use street art as a method and learning tool in youth work in European and community projects and to engage young people with fewer opportunities to participate actively in the civil society and be decision makers. The main theme this year was the refugee crisis and the importance of promoting values such as solidarity, understanding, respect to “otherness” and peaceful co-existence.



Project coordinator Myrto Elena Pertsinidi.

Pictures by Olga Yocheva.

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