Languages, Communities

The series Otherness Dialogues held a workshop in Miercurea Ciuc/Csíkszereda, RO on the 1-2 August, 2015, for cultural operators, community developers and cultural managers. Facilitators: Marco Galea, Lars Henning, Denis Muwanguzi, Rita Sebestyén Supported by: Cultural Centre of Harghita County Starting from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, Shylock's monologue, the participants went through an experience… Continue reading Languages, Communities



Executive summary BIRTH is a transnational, cross-disciplinary project that aims to gather on one interactive and easily accessible map birth stories of people worldwide, from all layers of society, all ages, gender, race, religion and beliefs and engage them into artistic dialogue through different groups and companies of performing arts. Conception and initiation Rita SEBESTYÉN… Continue reading BIRTH

Otherness Dialogues

Otherness Dialogues: events,  workshops and lecture performances   This  programme of the project tackles with otherness through a collection of studies, a collection of stories and a series of events: workshops and performance lectures – from smaller to larger scale, tailored to different participants, aiming cross-cultural dialogue and inclusion. Importance: Within the large- scale alteration… Continue reading Otherness Dialogues

Otherness Reader

CORE READINGS ON OTHERNESS CONTENTS I. Levinas on the Other; Responsive phenomenology of the Alien Introduction to Lévinas 1. Emmanuel Levinas: The Face; Responsibility for the Other (excerpts from E. Lévinas: Ethics and Infinity. Conversation with Philippe Nemo, trans. Richard Cohen.) Introduction to Waldenfels 2. Bernhard Waldenfels: From Intentionality to Responsivity (excerpts) II. Derrida on… Continue reading Otherness Reader

Otherness Stories

Our participatory events, workshops and performance lectures are all based on constant reflexive and cooperative processes in which we relentlessly reconsider our positions, points of views and levels of participation. This way, at a certain point, between the theoretical background of Otherness Reader and movements/dance trainings there will be room for the participants to share… Continue reading Otherness Stories

Workshop: Motherness (starting Otherness Dialogues)

In cooperation with: Representations of the Other, GroundFloor Group and Játéktér/Playing Area WORKSHOP REPORT The theme of the first one in the series of Otherness Workshops, organized this time at the Paintbrush Factory in Club in the period 26-27 October 2014 was womanly otherness and the experience of giving birth. International representatives of several fields… Continue reading Workshop: Motherness (starting Otherness Dialogues)

Call for Papers – Otherness: Essays and Studies

The Centre for Studies in Otherness is a collaborative project between scholars primarily from the University of Aarhus, Denmark and Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, Ireland.The peer-reviewed, open-access e-journal Otherness: Essays and Studies is now accepting submissions for its special issue: Otherness and the Performing Arts, Autumn 2014.  Otherness: Essays and Studies publishes research articles from… Continue reading Call for Papers – Otherness: Essays and Studies

Sajó Sándor: A kétségbeesés dialektikája: „Je est un autre.”[1]

A kétségbeesés tapasztalatában megtörik az én és a másik viszonya. Nem lehet sem innen, sem onnan, sem az éntől, sem a másiktól elindulni: nincs egyirányú út, melyet végig lehetne járni. Ami azt jelenti, hogy nincs linearitás, diszkurzivitás, hierarchizálás, végső megalapozás, elemekre bontás. Ám tiszta keletkezés, tökéletes körkörösség sincs, hanem a tapasztalat egésze megbillen vagy megbicsaklik:… Continue reading Sajó Sándor: A kétségbeesés dialektikája: „Je est un autre.”[1]