Hybridspace: Anthony

Anthony is a nomadic character: he travels through the texts and scenes of nine young artists, taking up different roles, adventures, genres and styles. Anthony as a common character is leading us across conceptions, settings, cultural and linguistic environments, and is weaving the nine different artistic worlds into one common, loose narrative. The authors of… Continue reading Hybridspace: Anthony


27 ways to be born

A performance by othernessproject. 27 ways to be born is a collective drifting through stages of transition, in-between, passage. Sensing communion and individuation, also transition states of natural/artificial, alive/lifeless, instinctual/reflective are explored together with the participants. The phase of start, initiation, and birth of a being or a process is experienced on a metaphorical level,… Continue reading 27 ways to be born


Executive summary BIRTH is a transnational, cross-disciplinary project that aims to gather on one interactive and easily accessible map birth stories of people worldwide, from all layers of society, all ages, gender, race, religion and beliefs and engage them into artistic dialogue through different groups and companies of performing arts. Conception and initiation Rita SEBESTYÉN… Continue reading BIRTH