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Shoes on the deck

by Judit Hajdu

Put these shoes on quick, Uncle Bogdan can take us to the station. Daddy’s managed to get us tickets. No, he’s not coming. Yes, maybe later. I don’t know.

Yes, you can take them off now. It’s gonna be a long journey. You can sleep until we reach the border.

Have you got your shoes on? No, we can’t stay here either. We are going to Scotland! I don’t know, we’ll see. It’s gonna be all right.

Yes, you can leave your shoes in the cabin and explore all 5 decks. It’s what you call floors on a ship. But don’t go further than the carpeted decks!

You are right, sweetheart, they are too small now. Let’s put them in the Duty-Free Shop, shall we? They might still be good for smaller kids.

No, your old shoes will stay here. We don’t want to carry too much. I don’t know. Let’s hope it will be another interesting place. Back? We can’t. Not yet. I don’t know. But everything will be all right.

More than a 1000 Ukrainians have found refuge on a cruise ship at the harbour of Edinburgh for a year now. Having to leave the ship in July they are unsure of the  next stop of their journey. 

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