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Letter to a Clone Manufacturer

A new series of podcasts and texts that focuses on bridging languages and cultures, starting from 25th September 2021.

The project seeks out representatives of marginalised communities, and engages them into talks about their personal and professional experiences.

Aims of the project:

  • raise awareness of literature, artwork and science achievements by representatives of minority communities,
  • give voice to representatives of minority communities, whom we invite as guests into the project,
  • disseminate the work of our guests.

The first event of our project will take place online. Participation is free, but you need to register for the event. Places are limited.



Link to the event: click here.

Time: 7 pm (GMT+1) on 25th September.

The artists involved are present for a live chat with the ticket holders about their experiences with different languages, cultures, disciplines and artistic genres:

Cast performing in English:

Daniela Cristo Mantilla
Angel Mendoza

Cast performing in Hungarian:

Éva Bandor
Ádám Tompa
Gigi Guizado (the author).
Rita Sebestyén (the translator).

Collage by Andrea Kovács KURSZÁN

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