open call for mural artists and youth workers from denmark

As part of the UrbanArtVentures Erasmus+ Programme Othernessproject (Helsingør, DK) in collaboration with Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. (Dresden, DE) invites mural artists and youth workers from Denmark to apply for a training programme with networking, painting and inspiring each other, between 12-21 September 2017, in Volos, Greece.

Who can apply:

2 street artists (graffiti artists, muralists) who have experience in youth and social projects and are willing to share their knowledge and skills and cooperate with other street artists and youth workers in this project.

1 youth worker/art educator (age: above 23 years) who has experience in using art as a tool for social integration and inclusion and street art.


How to apply:

Send your portfolio and a 1 page CV to

Deadline for application: 1st June 2017.

Applications are assessed on a runnig basis,, and shortlistd applicants will receive the whole info pack and a fill-in form to complete by the 5th June 2017.


The programme covers:

  • training costs
  • travelling costs (if you want to take part in an extra trip: 30 EUR)
  • accommodation
  • meals

About the programme:

30 participants: youth workers, street artists and art educators from Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Serbia and Spain will have the opportunity to share and develop together methods, tools and best practices incorporating street art in youth work.

During the training course, we will share best practices where street art has been used to promote social inclusion and tackle racism, stereotypes, xenophobia, discrimination and violence against vulnerable groups. We will work together on the main subjects of the murals and the street artists will share their skills and knowledge with the youth workers and vice versa. We are going to visit refugee centres, schools and social centres where we are going to interact with newcomers and people with fewer opportunities through street art.



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