birth mapping – open call

Call for birth stories:


On the BIRTH map we are collecting birth stories from all over the world, from every generation, layer of society, culture, gender, in any language, to celebrate what we surely have in common: being born as humans. All the rest: circumstances, culture, time, place, are different – and our birth stories will capture these features.

Longer description:


If you want to take part:

send you birth story to Ágnes:

The birth story is:

Your name (first name, second name, nickname, pseudonym – up to the storyteller)
Year of birth
Place of birth
Your current location

STORY: tell the story of your birth, in words (max. 300) or pictures (max.3) or videos or soundscapes (max 3. mins) – whatever you know, heard, think about your birth and you wish to share it on the map.

What will happen to your story:

Your story will be published on the map, together with all the other partakers’ stories.

Artists and companies inspired by the map and stories will produce their own artworks: events, installations, urban interventions, performances.

If you wish to take part in events, meetings, workshops, please, state that in the same mail you are sending your story. You can follow the project on this site and on the facebook, too.



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