Othernessproject designs performances, workshops and research, collaborating with artists and scientists from different countries and contexts. We believe that high quality art opens new ways for education, for individual and social healing.

Performances are thoroughly researched frames, on the intersection of science (biology, physics, environmental studies, sociology, psychology) and art.  We invite in different research cycles scientists, philosophers, artists to experiment. In the second step we hold open events with public for a free trial. With all the input, we design installation-performances, which include audiences into co-creation, within the given artistic framework.

Workshops are conceived for mixed communities: vulnerable layers of the society are brought together with majority communities to share experience and weave common narratives.

Research is based on the performances and workshops: we use action research, a learning by doing method, for developing new, common knowledge and experience.

Our recent installation-performance, IF, developed with the action research methodology, invited to several festivals in Europe:



Our project is based in Helsingør, Denmark, with a core group of artists and researchers residing in Nordic countries: Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

We enter diverse spaces to perform and hold workshops, in venues in CPH and game-changer festivals, conferences, which deal with art, science, society and temporary communities. Besides physical spaces, we use IT and hybrid space to connect with a large audience.

Othernessproject cooperates in various artistic and research environments internationally. Our partners reside in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, the UK, Montenegro, and the spectrum is getting larger every year.



artistic director: Rita Sebestyen (RO/HU/DK)

performer: Minni Katina Mertens (NO/DK)

performer: Sara Vilardo (IT/BE/DK)

light- and sound designer: Ivan Wahren (SE)

EU-project manager: Stine Ebbesen (DK)

dramaturge: Mira Nadina Mertens (NO/DK)

social media editor: Nora Ugron (RO/FI)





Rosenkildevej 21A st, tv – 3000 Helsingør, Danmark

CVR number: 36 57 94 63

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